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Advise for Wives

O. T. #1115  "Advise for Wives"
Dec. 14, 2017
Job 2-Part 3


Just say it Job! Curse God and be done with it. Why are you holding onto your integrity? Job needed a devoted and loving wife, but she had come to the end of her rope of hope, hanging on no more, letting go. She was done. Job had lost his 10 children, all his livestock, all his servants except 4. Now he was covered with boils and sat at the city dump, scratching with a piece of pottery. Although, through it all, Job never sinned.
What would be our response if we only had one of those situations to go through?

Why do you think Mrs. Job responded in this way? Swindoll suggests four reasons:
  1. She. too, had lost ten children. In her weakening struggle with deep grief, she may have blurted this out.
  2. She, too, had suffered the loss of their wealth and possessions. Since her husband had reached a high level of financial security, there were benefits, perks, and pleasures that bring great satisfaction with that lifestyle. Those many possessions that were destroyed were her possessions, too. Job's wife was reduced to the same economical level has her husband.
  3. For years she had enjoyed being the wife of "the greatest of all the men of the east." There were great moments of public, acknowledgement and inner joy in that. She was no longer the leading lady of the community. She's now the pathetic wife of a broken man whose world has collapsed, who now sits alone in abject poverty, covered with sores.
  4. She lost her companion. Their quiet give-and-take conversation and romantic times are over. The woman has no hope that this will ever change.
I don't recall ever hearing a message or a study that considered the situation from Job's wife perspective. I can't imagine having to endure such things.

Swindoll makes some suggestions for wives to consider:
  • Always guard your words when your husband is going through terribly hard times. Going through sustained hard times weakens most men. We tend to loos our objectivity, stability, discernment, determination, becoming vulnerable, afraid. Men need their woman's clear perspective, wisdom, and spiritual strength. Hardship seems to strengthen women. They need prayers, emotional support, encouraging words.
  • Never suggest that we compromise our integrity, even if it would provide temporary relief. Job need his wife to tell him to stand fast. She was with him as they walked with God together.
Sounds like some good advice for us wives.


In all this Job did not sin with his lips. (verse 10)

Can we hear Job's trust and faith in God?
We can't explain what happens to us, often times. However, we can watch and wait on our God to work in and through it. God has a plan unfolding although we cannot understand it now. Our faithfulness can be a witness of God's grace and love.

Here are three timeless principles Swindoll  gleaned from Job's experience:
  1. Since our lives are full of trials, we need to remember there are always more to come. Trials are inevitable, so don't be surprised. Be aware that the Adversary is on the loose. 
  2. Since our world is fallen, we need to understand that those who love us may give us wrong advice. Square whatever you hear with the principles of God's Word. They may be speaking as a foolish person.
  3. Since our God is sovereign, we must prepare ourselves for blessing and adversity.
Dr. Frances I. Anderson, a medical doctor and archeologist, biblical scholar and author from Australia comments on this segment of Job's story:
When the bad as well as the good is received at the hand of God, every experience of life becomes an occasion of blessing. But the cost is high. It is easier to lower your view of God than to raise your faith to such a height.

But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.  (Ps. 115:3)

God is not obligated to explain Himself. Someday it will all be made clear to us. May we continue to praise His name! Submit to Him today, dear one.
(Keep in mind that our hard times may be the result of others sins, our bad choices made, or the devil working to bring us down.)


                                ... of those hurtful words and deeds, forgiving.
                                ... of those mean schemes and gossips of the ones trying to hurt us.
                                ... and cling to Jesus and give Him the glory for our story.
                                ... maintaining our integrity as a Christian.

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