Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Close Knit Family

O.T. 1108. "A Close Knit Family"
Dec. 5,2017
Job 1
His sons used to go and hold a feast of each one on his day, and they would send and invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them. Job 1:4


This time of year is so wonderful in that we set aside time for family time. We decorate, cook, shop, and plan for our loved ones. We may check with them as to what is on their wish list. We make plans as to the details for our Christmas celebration. Today's lesson is about a close knit family-Job's family.

Job was quite a man. Immediately we find out what he was like in the first chapter. He was a pure, priestly, praying, and faithful man of God. Although Job was wealthy, he did not compromise with moral evil. He handled his business dealings with integrity. He held God in respect.

By the time his story is told, Job's 7 sons and 3 daughters are grown. Apparently they were a tight family. It is obvious since they would have dinner daily with each other. Each son had their day of having the guys over(and sisters too). Everyone his day during the feast time. Can you sense love and harmony here?

Shall we take time to look into our own family? What is our relationship with our children like? What about our children's relationship with each other? Are we as close as we used to be, should be, could be? This is a good time of the year to mend any fences that are down. Maybe we can eat some humble pie.


Apparently Dad did not attend these parties. Then Job assumed his sons sinned and cursed God in their hearts at their dinner party. Drinking was also involved. Maybe they had a hint of disobedience or told an off-colored story. Whatever happened, this upright man was so concerned for his family's spiritual state that he would offer burnt offerings for them, each of the boys at the end of every week. His children's sins would be covered with the blood of the animals sacrificed. What a father.

Are we concerned or burdened about the state of our children's relationship with God? A godly family worships together and serves together with God-honoring parents leading the way by example.
Although there are no guarantees that they will be God-fearing children, we can do our part. Are we interceding for our loved ones?


Give my children to God.
Pray for Him to use them in Kingdom work.
Pray for my family's protection daily.

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