Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Who Would Do Such a Thing?

O. T. #1098  "Who Would Do Such a Thing?"
Nov. 14, 2017
Esther 7


There are so many gross and detestable sins committed in our world. And we wonder who would so such a thing? Why would they do it? What caused them to do it? A three letter word called sin. Haman had allowed hatred for the Jews to cause him to get the king to make a law that would annihilate the Jews. but the tables are about to turn on him. Come with me to the Queen Esther's second banquet with the king and Haman only attending.

Haman had no idea what was to come. He had been warned by his wife and friends to let it go, let dead dogs lie, stop his plot to exterminate the Jews. But would he listen, no. Then it was time for Esther's banquet. The king's men came and took Haman to the palace.

What is thy petition, Queen Esther? And what shall I grant thee: and what is thy request? And it shall be performed,  even to the half of the kingdom. That is what the king said to his queen after the wonderful meal was eaten.

It's time, Esther. You were selected to be the deliverer of the Jews from death, God's chosen beloved Israel. You have become queen for such a time as this. Go girl. Spit it out. Stand up against that evil Haman. Yes, God had raised her up for this very purpose. ESTHER DID NOT FAIL HER GOD, HER UNCLE, NOR HER JEWISH FAMILY.

How will we act when it  time for us to stand for the right to prevail?


Esther laid it all out. No doubt the  king was expecting her to ask for some material thing, some journey, or more time with him. Her request would have been a shock to the king.

If I have found favor with the king, and if it pleases the king to grant my request, I ask that my life and the lives of my people will be spared. For my people and I have been sold to those who would kill, slaughter, and annihilate us. ( verse 3-4 NLT)

Who would do such a thing? Who would be so presumptuous as to touch you, the queen? Who is it? Where is he? The king demanded to know who it was.
(What do you mean "who?" Come on king, you signed the edict and sealed it into law. Did you have a senior moment, forgetting it was done by Haman? Can you admit you were tricked, deceived?)

This wicked Haman is our adversary and our enemy. (Yes, Esther did it!!!Whoo hoo!)

Just as Haman's evil was exposed, so all sin will be exposed by God. Sin may be done behind closed doors, or only to our self and not others, or out in the open, but sin is sin. God sees everything.

The culprit was present. Haman was afraid before the king and the queen. Reckon he shook in his boots, melted like butter, panicked? He was struck with terror. His evil plot was exposed.

Nothing is accidental. In His time and only in His time, God begins to move in subtle ways until, suddenly, as His surprising sovereignty unfolds, a change occurs. Don't fight it. It's God way of lifting the fog, which always happens when He pleases. The turning points of life, the significant events, are often subtle. A sensitive heart is required to detect those changes. (Swindoll)

We hear of shocking news-mass killings of innocent people, kidnappings and horrible treatment of victims, babies killed in the womb, trafficking of women and children, child abuse, mean coworkers, mean church members. The list goes on.
Folks, we aren't in heaven yet, where only loving people will dwell. Dogs won't eat dogs there, but will obey the Master.


In the middle of the storm, hold onto Jesus. He is my anchor.
When hateful words break my heart into pieces, allow Jesus' love and grace to put it back together.

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