Thursday, November 9, 2017

Waiting Until Tomorrow

O. T. #1095  "Waiting Until Tomorrow"
Nov. 9, 2017
Esther 5-Part 3
...let the king and Haman come to the banquet that I shall prepare for them, and I will do tomorrow as the king hath said. Esther 5:8


Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. You're only a breath away. (Words sung by Annie)

Tomorrow. There is something I want to say, request, of you, my dear king, but it can wait until tomorrow. Sometimes God's timing requires one more day. For sure it was in this story. In the lives of the Jews, Mordecai, and Esther, and certainly Haman. Are we willing to shift our agenda for God to have His way?

King Xerxes and his Prime Minister, Haman, had Esther's undivided attention. Twice the king asked his queen what her request was, but she waited to ask. She wanted to serve them another meal, then she'd ask.

Can't you just see the smiles on these three people's faces? Perhaps there as laughter in the room. Her cheerful countenance would have been a welcomed change since the king was dealing with ole Haman.

Why did Esther delay her request? Whatever the reason, God used the delay to further His purpose for Mordecai, Haman, and the Jewish people. While we are waiting, God is working. (D. Jeremiah)

Do we wait on the Lord to tell us when and how to get involved in  situation? The bigger the decision, the longer the wait.
Will we count on the Lord to open doors and hearts when dealing with unpredictable people?
When your ways please the Lord Jesus, even your enemies will be at peace with you. (Prov.16:7)
Are we trusting the Lord for enduing patience when in unpleasant situations? Timing is as important  action.
Do we pray for invincible courage when standing against an unprincipled enemy? (Swindoll)


So everyone left the banqueting hall. Haman must have thought how clever he was as he left the palace. He just had dinner with the king and queen, a threesome. He had a personal invitation from the lovely queen, too. Wait til he tells his wife and friends. Haman walked out of the palace whistling Dixie. He was on top of the world; had a joyful and glad heart, he did. Boy, does he have a shock of his life waiting on him tomorrow.

Now Haman turns his eye on Mordecai sitting at the king's gate. Again, Mordecai did not stand when to show respect to the Prime Minister, as the law said for all to do. Immediately, Haman's anger returned. Huh! e walked on, but this time he controlled himself, and went to his house. Haman sent for his friends and wife.

Ya-da, ya-da, brag, brag, me, me. Can you imagine listening to this blow-hard? No one can offend this self-centered guy, for he has the king's seal. Haman boasted about his wealth, children, honor, and promotion. Also, recognition by the queen. (verses 11-12)

Haman's only disappointment in life was Mordecai's refusal to honor him. His hatred consumed him so much to the point that only the death of his enemy would satisfy him. Listen to this-his wife and friends gave counsel, saying to:
  • build gallows 75 feet high;
  • ask he king the next day to hang Mordecai upon the gallows;
  • go to the dinner and be happy.
Haman's high opinion of himself would soon lift him high all right. The plan pleased the Prime Minister and he implemented it.

Are we careful to leave revenge to the Lord and not take not take it in our own hands? Ephesians 4:31-32 tells us to forgive and love others.


Wait faithfully on God's tomorrow.
Trust His timing.

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