Tuesday, October 10, 2017


O. T. #1077  "Violation"
Oct. 10, 2017
Nehemiah 13
Remember me, O my God, ...  Nehemiah 13:16a


Nehemiah was governor in Jerusalem for 12 years, then he returned to Persia. He stayed around 3 years. When he secured permission to return to Jerusalem, Nehemiah discovered the people were violating God's Law in 5 ways:

1. Through evil associations-no foreigner (unbeliever) was allowed in their worship, according to
     Deuteronomy 23:3-6.
  • Ammonite and Moabite had opposed Israel's march to the Promised Land. (Numbers 22:1-25:18) They were descendants of Lot and his 2 daughters.
  • The 2 nations had hired Balaam to curse God's people.
The correction: Israel separated from all the mixed multitude. (verse 3)

Are we spiritually separated from the wicked of this world?
Have we separated our self from those leading a wicked life?
Are we allowing the sinful behavior of others to influence us?

2. Desecrating the house of God-a need to purify, cleanse the church.
  • The High Priest Eliashib converted a large storage room in the Temple, making it available for Tobiah to use.
  • The 2 men were desecrating, defiling the Temple.
The correction: Nehemiah threw out all of Tobiah's belongings he ordered the rooms cleansed, purified; all the Temple items were replaced.

Is our church building set apart for praising and worshiping God and studying His Word?
Is business conducted there? Are drugs, alcohol, smoking, or dancing allowed there?
Is gossip, rumors, bitterness, or cursing allowed?
Does immodest, suggestive dress and behavior exist there?


3. Neglecting to tithe-a need to support God's House.
  • The people had stopped tithing.
  • The Levites had to return to secular work.
The correction: Nehemiah rebuked the officials; restored the Levites to their duties; challenged the people to renew tithing and offerings; replaced the custodians of the storeroom and appointed trustworthy men; prayed for God's help.

Are we providing for the needs of  others?
Are we giving to the mission work of our church?
Are we a faithful tither?

[Resource: The Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible]


Be faithful in tithing to my church and the Lord Jesus.
Support the right activities of the church.

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