Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Unnumbered, Unnamed, and Unknowns

O. T. #1073  "Unnumbered, Unnamed, and Unknown"
Oct. 4, 2017
Nehemiah 11-Part 2


Can we be counted as the unnumbered, unnamed, and unknowns with our life? Are we behind the scenes going good? Are we prayer warriors and singers that serve Jesus as the Jews did?

This chapter is filled with five groups of "willing unknowns," as Swindoll calls them in his study guide, Hand Me Another Brick, Timeless Lessons on Leadership:
  1. The people who volunteered to move.
  2. The people who worked within the Temple. (verses 10-12) The ministry staff was 822 in number, and unnamed. They served anonymous so God's people would be blessed as they came to worship. 
  3. Those who worked outside the place of worship. (verses 15-16) This type of work involved the task of maintaining the exterior of the Temple and its grounds, as well as serving people in areas as judges and counselors
  4. Those who supported the ministry through prayer. (verse 17) Unnoticed by men, but on their knees and noticed by God, their prayers kept the Temple ministry alive.
  5. Those who supported the Lord with singing. (verses 22-23) They developed their gifts on the behalf of the people and praise of God. It was an unnumbered and unnamed choir.
The Jews had no song during their years of exile, but now they had the joy of the Lord as their strength.
We see God's grace and favor upon His children as they accepted the difficult challenge of moving within the city walls. This milestone unfolded the fulfillment of God's promised blessings.


Many may not have wanted to live within Jerusalem for various reasons:
  • Non-Jews attached a sigma to Jerusalem residents, often excluding them from trade due to religious beliefs.
  • Moving into the city meant rebuilding their homes and business, which involved time and money.
  • Living in Jerusalem meant living by stricter obedience to God's Word since the Temple vicinity and social pressure.
That makes it easier to understand why only one tenth of the people moved into Jerusalem, by the casting of lots.
Are we willing to serve God outside the walls of the church? In our jobs and community we can find opportunities to share the love of Jesus. So many are hurting, brokenhearted, and abused.
Will we be the light that shines for God?

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.  (Matthew 5:16)


                                 ... and let the joy of the Lord Jesus be my strength.
                                  ... and let His light shine through me.

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