Thursday, October 26, 2017

Being a Brave Believer

O. T. #1087  "Being a Brave Believer"
Oct. 26, 2017
Esther 2-Part 5
Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.  Proverbs 31:30


Esther found favor and grace in the sight of King Xersus of Persia. He set the royal crown upon her head, so she has a new title now. Esther is no longer a plain, orphan Esther, but Queen Esther. What happened next?
  • The king had a celebration, a banquet, feast, coronation to honor queen Esther.
  • A holiday was proclaimed.
  • Gifts were generously distributed.
  • The maidens from her group joined in the celebration.
Swindoll gives us modern-day Esthers some practical counsel:
Can we imagine having all the same qualities as Esther had? It seems so unattainable. It doesn't come
from the world, where results are frustration and defeat. You, as an individual, have your own pressures, your own difficulties, your own unique circumstances, but God offers ways to handle them and become His special person. The question is how?

First, ask God. Ask Him to cultivate character within you. Ask him to give you a deeper desire for the spiritual. Make yourself available to His strength, reproofs, counsel for the things you lack. Ask for help to place more emphasis on what's happening deep within your heart and less emphasis on the externals, the superficial, the temporary.

Second, trust God. Trust Him to control your circumstances around you. We are completely dependent on Him for external life, forgiveness, security, and character. It is His working in our lives that uses us even in the harems of life to make a difference and to model a charm and a beauty, a dignity, and an elegance, that cannot help but cause people's attention to be drawn to Him and His power.

Are we ready to be authentic in the midst of a whirlwind? Do we have determination to beat unbelievable odds? Do we have an openness, a warmth, a responsiveness to the things of God? Are we willing to ask for help? Can we be thankful for what God has given us and for the situation in which He has placed us? Will we continue to walk the road of faith?


The nationality of Esther, a Jew, was still pet a secret. Even after Mordecai sat at the king's gate, thus appointed a palace official. She was warned by her cousin, lest she be removed from her status like Vashti. Esther had been an obedient child all her life. Her secret was safe, so far.

Suffering, life's hardships, and afflictions are inescapable. Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional.Since we cannot get free of pain, the secret of successful living is finding ways to live above the level of misery.

Are we valuing our daughters and granddaughters? Are we telling them we value them as a person of strength and dignity? Are we going to be a brave believer in Jesus? His love makes us braver still. Can we take the challenge to live above misery?


Ask God to change my heart so I am gracious and kind to others.
Trust God in my life situations.
Honor Him.

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