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Who is Doing Right?

O. T. #870  "Who is Doing Right?
Nov. 16, 2016
2 Kings 22


Who is doing right? What is right? It seems in our society that people are doing what seems right in their own eyes, not what the Bible says is right. When God's Word is removed from public places and no longer read, sin abounds. We saw the results in our schools with killings and now in our streets and public gatherings. Without a foundation of right and wrong,  guideline for our lives, we go the way of sin. Haven't we read it throughout the book of 2 Kings? Worshiping of idols verses worshiping God. Today's new king in Judah confronted the same issues as we do.

Shall we review this family of kings in Judah? There is such a contrast between the best king of Judah (Hezekiah) and the worst king (Manasseh), which was his son. Here we read about the worst and best kings found in the same family. During his reign as king, Manasseh killed God's prophets, including Isaiah, having sawn him into two. If that wasn't bad enough, he led Judah back to idolatry.That is how wicked he was during the 55 years as king in Judah, beginning at age . (He was the longest reigning king.) Had we not jumped over to 2 Chronicles 33, we would not have known of the repentance of the latter.

Then along came Amon, Manasseh's son, who became the next king. He was 22 when he reigned for two years in Judah. The worst ways of Manasseh was emulated by Amon in that he served and worshiped idols. He was killed by his servants. That was another bad king. Now in chapter 22 we read of a better king-Josiah. (Aren't we ready for him?)

Who was Josiah and what did he accomplish while reigning in Judah as king?
  • Josiah began reigning at age 8 and continued for 31 years.
  • At age 16, Josiah began to seek the Lord. He must have been under the godly influence of a mother, priests, and prophets who taught him during his young years.
  • He was the last good king of the Davidic line prior to the Babylonian exile.
  • It was during Josiah's righteous reign that the world power in the ancient Near East passed from Assyria to Babylon. Nineveh, Assyria's capital, was destroyed in 612 B.C., causing this empire to fall three years later.
  • During Josiah's reign, the prophets Habakkuk, Jeremiah, and Zephaniah were possibly present in Judah.
  • He used military force to purge his nation of idols.
  • It was during his twelfth year that he began religious reformation in Judah.
  • And he did right in the sight of the LORD and walked in all the way of David his father, turned not aside to the right hand or to the left. (verse 2)

That is the setting for us to consider surrounding Josiah's time.  Josiah was like his great grandfather, Hezekiah. Will our great grandchildren be like us, strong in faith and serving the Lord Jesus?


When Josiah was 26, he called for repair of the Temple of God. Deterioration and valuables taken previously by the evil kings Ahaz and Manesseh, plus Hezekiah paid tribute to the Assyrian king using the expensive items in the Temple left it lacking.

He sent the high priest Hilkiah to access the silver in the Lord's house. Workers were repairing the Temple. Can you hear the sounds of the repair work?
Guess what Hilkiah found in the midst of he mess-The Book of the Law. He gave it to Shaphan the scribe, who read it to the king, (verse 10)
This scroll was the Torah, the revelation of God through Moses to Israel and called the Pentateuch. It is the first 5 books of the Bible.
Some say the Scribe read from Deuteronomy 28-30 that records the national covenant renewal and lists terrible threats and curses for those who violate the Law of God.
Josiah realized Judah' guilt of sin and God's judgment coming, resulting in his reaction of grief.

Next time we will pick up there. What actions will the king take?
I wonder, does our spirit grieve over the sins of abortion, homosexuality, and immorality in our nation? Are we praying for America's repentance and reformation, along with God's grace and mercy? Our children need to be taught the ways of God from His Word. Will it begin with us



Hold onto the hope that Christ brings in His Word.

Teach His Word and apply it to my life.

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