Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Devastating News

O. T. #865 "Devastating News"
Nov. 8, 2016
2 Kings 20


If I had been told by God through  preacher to get my house in order back in 2001, I would have been devastated by the news. Little did I know when I went into surgery, that afterwards I would stop breathing and my family would be in the hall praying for me to survive. It will be 15 more years come December 21 since that incident occurred. I am living my extended life, as I call it. How marvelous and merciful my God is. Do you have a similar experience?
 Today, we read of a king who is given the news that he would die of his present illness, and to put his house in order. Before we discuss find out what happens to him, I want to share what I discovered.

I like the Chronological Bible which places Scriptures in order of their event and not as they were put together in the King James day. As I looked into it, Israel (Samaria the capital) fell to the world empire of Assyria during King Hezekiah's sixth year reign in Judah (Jerusalem the capital). This happened due to Israel's refusing to listen to the Lord and obey Him. We find this in chapter 18, which is about 100 pages before chapter 20. A lot of things happen in between those chapters.

Isaiah prophecies about Israel and Judah being captured if they don't repent of their sins of idol worship and turn back to God. His judgment is coming. Micah warns Israel of Assyria's coming and God's love for them.

This is before Babylon comes to conquer Judah that chapter 20 occurs. It was in those days that Hezekiah becomes deathly sick. (It was 20 years before Assyria fell to Babylon.)

The Lord speaks through Isaiah saying, Set your house (affairs) in order for you are going to die. You will not recover from this illness.

Is he a friend of God in that his time of death is revealed? Hezekiah was a good king in Judah, full of faith in God. He restored the Temple at Jerusalem and their sacrificial system. He has been a praying king, a listening to prophets king, and now a broken king.


How did this man, a great godly king over Judah, through whom the Messiah was predicted to come, react to such devastating news?
Hezekiah knew God was sovereign, in control of life and death, although willing to listen to his appeal. Can you see Hezekiah turn his face to the wall, lying on his sick bed? And he prays, crying out to God, heart broken:
Remember, O LORD, now how I have walked before You in truth and with a perfect heart, and have done that which is good in Thy sight.

Then Hezekiah wept bitterly.

A perfect heart means he served God wholeheartedly. Hezekiah did not want to die before he completed his moral reform in Judah. (Falwell)

Are we ever ready for devastating news from a test result, from a doctor, from a person at the door or on the phone?

Friend, are you prepared to meet your Maker?
Are we willing to accept God's will?


Serve God wholeheartedly.

Walk by faith and in His Truth.

Do what pleases God.

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