Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Death Bed Experience

O. T. #866 "A Death Bed Experience"
November 9, 2016
2 Kings 20-Part 2


I can sit back and relax with the campaigning and election over. Well, just for a  minute. Now I pray for our nation, our spiritual reformation, moral restoration, and economic regeneration. It will come as God works in hearts, souls, and minds, as we love Him with all of ours. Do I hear an amen?

We left King Hezekiah of Judah on his death bed, turning his face to the wall, praying and sobbing. He was told to get his house in order. He was going to die. I can only imagine that my reaction would be the same, or worse.

Here was a good king who had walked with the Lord and swerved Him wholeheartedly. He reminded the Lord of this, too. Well, Prophet Isaiah left the king's presence giving him some privacy. That is when the Lord gave some "I wills" for Hezekiah, for the LORD, God of David, heard his prayer and saw his tears:
  • I will heal you; on the third day go to the Temple.
  • I will add unto your days 15 years.
  • I will deliver you and this city (Jerusalem) out of the hand of the king of Assyria.
  • I will defend this city for My own sake and My servant David's sake.
Look at what the Life Application Study Bible has to say:
Over a 100-year period of Judah's history (732-640 B.C.), Hezekiah was the only faithful king; but what a difference he made! Because of Hezekiah's faith and prayer, God healed him and saved his city from the Assyrians. You can make a difference, too, even if your faith puts you in the minority. Faith and prayer, if they are sincere and directed toward the One True God, can change any situation.
Do we want God to use us to make a difference in our family and community? Increase our faith and prayers' sincerity, Lord.


What transpired?
Isaiah told the king's servant (I suppose that is to whom he spoke) to take a lump of figs, a poultice, and lay it upon the boil. Was it a divinely prescribed medical cure or a miraculous healing? Either case, God worked in response to Hezekiah's prayer.
Wait, he didn't beg God to let him live, nor to extend his life 15 years but that is what happened. What mercy!

We can read Hezekiah's "Song of Deliverance", a song of praise to the Lord.  His bitterness was turned to peace as death neared, yet deliverance was had.

Do we praise the Lord when He uses medical treatments to heal us or our loved ones? Our lump of figs may come in the form of chemotherapy, surgery, or antibiotics/medicines. However, it is the healing power of  Jesus that cures. He did it for the blind man as he spit upon the ground and made a salve for the eyes. Also, Saul, later Paul's scales over his eyes fell off.

We shout HALLEJUAH JESUS! Glory to Your name for restoring my life twice, the life of my two sister in laws, and sustaining our former youth director. So many He has brought up from their death be experience.

Do we need to pray for someone who needs to be raised from their spiritual death bed? Resurrection is found in Jesus Christ.


                                ...and shout praises unto the Lord God Almighty, El Shaddiah!

                                ... and always sing His praises, Worthy is the Lamb who is Holy of glory, honor,
                                    and praise!

                                ... and pray, trusting God's best is best for us.
                                ... and thank Him even when God chooses not to heal.


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