Friday, November 25, 2016

No Longer Fit

O. T. #875  "No Longer Fit"
November 25, 2016
2 Kings 24


There were 3 more kings which reigned in Judah before they were taken captive to Babylon-Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah.
Jehoiakim reigned 11 years. Like his brother, he did not follow the ways of his godly father. He burned the scroll of Jeremiah, but could not destroy God's Word, nor stop judgment from coming. It is not a happy time in Judah.

The hour of judgment finally arrives, and God keeps His Word by bringing terrible wrath upon His people in the kingdom of Judah. God had given them a throne, a temple, a city, and a land, and upon each of these He poured out His anger. (Wiersbe)

King Nebuchadneezzar of Babylon came against Judah in 605 B.C. When his plans for taking Jehoiakim captive were altered, he made Jehoiakim a servant instead. This was the first deportation according to Daniel 1:1. He was a servant for 3 years before rebelling. Bands of enemies harassed and weakened Judah, contributing to her fall to Babylon. but this was done at God's command because of Judah's sin. (Falwell)

You will recall that King Manasseh did evil in God's sight-took idols into the Temple, worshiped idols, and even offered children to idols. He involved Judah, also. These are the sins which prophets predicted God would judge Judah for doing. God demands first place. That is why he made he first 2 commandments listed first.

No one mourned nor gave an honorable burial for Jehoiakim according to Jeremiah 36.

God keeps His Word. do we?


Jehoiachin, son of Jehoiakim, only reigned over Judah as king for 3 months. He was age 18. He did evil in God's sight, and reaped the consequences of his father's rebellion.
Nebuchaddnezzar beseiged Jerusalem and took the king, as well as his royal family, as permanent captives of Babylon. This was the second deportation.
They stripped the Temple and palace of valuables, and 10,000 citizens including Ezekiel were led captive to Babylon. The Jews were allowed to live together, stayed united, and later returned under Zerubbable and Ezra. . The nobles, princes, soldiers, craftsmen were included. Only the poorest people stayed behind to manage things as the governors, but King Neb won their loyalty.

The people had defiled their God-given land with blood and with idols; they were no longer fit to live upon it. God had to "sweep them away" that He might be able to purify the land once again. (Wiersbe)

Do we sometimes feel like we are no longer fit to serve God when we have disobeyed?
Grace brings us back to a loving Father.


                       ...of my plans and my ways, to follow God's plans and ways for me.
                                   ...of a life of pleasure and ease to deny myself, take up my cross, and follow

*So grateful for 44 years of marriage to my husband. We are celebrating today in Branson.

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