Monday, September 12, 2016

Stiring the Pot

O. T. #830  "Stirring the Pot"
Sept. 12, 2016
2 Kings 4-Part 3


Through Elisha, God used miracles to provide for the widow, gave the Shunemmite woman a son, and then raised him from the dead. Now Elisha returned to Gilgal during a time of famine. God was able to work through Elisha to meet needs, no matter what they were.

One day a group of prophets, seminary students, were seated before Elisha. I wonder if they were having a discussion of the Cannon, the first 5 books written by Moses. Elisha told his servant to put a large pot on the fire and make some pottage (soup) for the group. Since there was a famine, one of the young men went out into the field and gathered herbs and a pocketful of wild gourds. He shred them into the pot, not realizing they were poisonous. When it was served, some of the men had a couple of bites and knew it was poisonous soup, cried out to warn others and tell Elisha.

Do some people try to stir the pot, so to speak? They believe everything they read and hear, though not checking it out first. We had a person accusing a certain translation of the Bible to have been written by homosexuals and Satan worshipers. So I did some research on the internet. There is a site which lists the biographies of the 15 authors. One of the men was actually a seminary professor that my husband had in class.  Also, the publisher mentioned accused is in fact not the same one in the front of my Bible. Looking up words in a Hebrew and Greek, which was used as their condemnation of the translation, I found accurate meanings in substitution for the English word. I only use the translation, and a few others, for studying. The King James Version is best for me.

Do we watch out for those who like to stir the pot of controversy? Are we looking to see if their claims are legitimate?


Elisha solved the problem of poison soup-he threw some flour into the pot. It made he soup edible, though flour alone had no power.  Elisha told the men it was all right to go ahead and eat. They had to do it by faith, didn't they? Someone had to be the first to try the soup. It did not harm those who ate.

God watches over us all the time, friends. Even in our ignorance He takes care of us.


Beware of who I listen to concerning Bible teachings.

Have discernment with God's directions of the Truth.

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