Thursday, September 22, 2016

Flying Off the Handle

O. T. #835  "Flying Off the Handle"
Sept. 22, 2016
2 Kings 6
And the man reached out and grabbed it.  2 Kings 6:7 


Uh huh, I'll admit there have been times, a few times, that I recall flying off the handle, so to speak. Now, honestly, I am a pretty easy going person. But some times my can gets full and I have to empty it. Mmm. it's not pretty when my temper rises and I sling angry words flying, sinking down into the water of discourse, causing pain. Later, I'm not proud of my I have company here? Well, today, we have something that flies off the handle. Curious?

Elisha must have been having an impact on Israel because the old facility which housed the young prophets in seminary study wasn't large enough for those who sought ministry training. They were being trained like home missionaries, to take God's Word o the people. The prophets had moved to Jericho by this time, according to 2:4-5. It was suggested that the men go down to the Jordan River area and get a beam to contribute to the new structure. Elisha had been invited to go with those men.
(Maybe the invitation was for protection as the men brought back wood , a 6 mile trip.)

Did you notice that twice Elisha was asked to approve their plans by being confronted with, "Let us go." Their place refers to a dormitory where the me live while studying for the ministry.

Another thing, why did they seek to go down to the Jordan River to cut lumber for the building?

MacArthur informs us that the Jordan Valley had mostly smaller kinds of trees, such as willow, tamarisk , and acacia that did not give heavy lumber. The resulting structure would be a humble, simple building.

Do we focus on God's approval for a task? Are we delighting our self in the Lord so He can give us His desires in our heart? (Psalm 37:4) Do we seek the approval of our church leaders before venturing out?


So Elisha went with those men with the purpose of cutting lumber with axes. Iron was expensive then and rare in Israel. A student borrowed one to use, since he could not afford to purchase one. He would not be able to replace the borrowed ax had anything happen to it.

Something did happen to one particular ax head. While a man was cutting a tree, the borrowed ax head fell into the river. Being a responsible young man, he cried out letting his problem be known-"It was a borrowed ax."

What happened next was one of God's miracles:
  • Elisha asked where it fell into the river, and the man showed him.
  • Then Elisha cut a stick and threw it in the water at that  spot. 
  • The ax head floated to the surface and united with Elisha's stick.
  • Elisha instructed the borrower to grab it and he did.
All things are possible with God. Often times He does His part and we do ours by faith, such as the borrower reaching down to pick up the axe floating on the water.

Come on friends, let's go down to the river, down to the river to pray, get washed by the water, rising up in amazing grace as the song goes.


When I borrow something,  I need to return it in the same condition.

Watch God do His work, in spite of my flying off the handle.

Bend allowing Him to put me back together.

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