Monday, September 5, 2016

A Small Thing

O. T. #826  "A Small Thing"
Sept. 5, 2016
2 Kings 3-Part 2


Life is made up of a lot of little things with a few biggies now and then, here and there, right? But when we are going through the small things, and they seem big to us. Amen? So what do we do when we don't know what to do? Ask God. Leave it at the feet of Jesus for Him to handle. Trust His timing. Keep the faith. Aren't those hard words to apply? I hear ya friends. Three kings had to apply this.

"Why are you coming to me?" Elisha asked the 3 kings from Israel, Judah, and Edom. They had run out of water for their armies after 3 days while traveling to war with Moab. Were they wanting a water miracle from Elisha? Elisha told them to go the pagan prophets of Ahab and Jezebel. Sarcastic but truthful, huh?

King Joram of Israel said, "No! It was the Lord who called us here-only to be defeated by Moab!"
Really? He didn't even consult the Lord about going to war with the Moabites, much less including the other two kings' armies.

Elisha said he wouldn't have even bother with them if it hadn't been for his respect for King Jehoshaphat of Judah. Then he called for someone who could play the harp. Sounds like he had to calm his nerves a bit. Maybe it was so he could get his mind settled in the midst of an uproar so he could hear from the Lord.

Do we ease away from the hustle and bustle of the world so we can hear the still small voice of like Elijah heard? God showed his power in fire, a strong wind, and an earthquake, but spoke in a whisper. Do we have a daily quiet time in a quiet environment so we can hear from God?


While the harp was played the power of the Lord came upon Elisha and he said, This is what the LORD says: This dry valley will be filled with pools of water! You will see neither wind nor rain, but this valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty for yourselves and your cattle and other animals. But this is only a light thing for the LORD, for He will make you victorious over the army of Moab! (My emphasis)

In Hebrew, the word light means small, easy.

When you think about how powerful God, who created the universe and earth, is, then providing water for  thousands of men and horses is a small thing. Just a snap of His fingers, a poof of breath. Although, it would be a huge thing for those guys to experience. Not only that, but the 3 kings got their answer-God would make them victorious over the Moabites. Water did come according to verse 20 as well as victory in the rest of the chapter. It was when the king of Moab sacrificed his son as a burnt offering on the wall that Israel withdrew and returned home, with Israel angry with such a thing.
Do you recall that God provided water when Moses struck the rock, and parted the Red Sea once  and Jordan River 3 times.

Dear one, what is your small thing that you need God to take care of? All things are small in comparison to our big God, right? Yet, I know they can be gigantic to us. So why do you and I not have the faith the size of a grain of mustard seed in His doing it?
 Can we praise God if He gives it or does not give it to us? His grace is enough.


Lay it at God's feet and ask in faith, trusting His will is best.

Leave it with Him to do as He will and in His time.

Do this Linda, not just say the words!

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