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Desprate Times

O. T. #825   "Desperate Times"
Sept. 2, 2016
2 Kings 3
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.  Jeremiah 33:3


Back to the national news-Joram (Ahab's son) became king of Israel, and reigned 12 years over Samaria. He did evil in the LORD's sight, but not to the same extent as his parents. At least he tore down the sacred pillar of Baal that his father had set up, yet there remained hundreds of priests of Baal. However, Joram did continued calf-worship. So Joram was a bad king in the spiritual sense, but not as bad as Ahab and Jezebel. (Joram (in NLT) is named Jehoram in KJV, so don't get confused, since I'm using NLT.)

Do we have a tendency to compare our self with others? Well, when we do, we usually are not as bad as them, right? Don't we focus on their bad traits or deeds and overlook ours? Ouch!


Here's a little historical background for what's going on during this time. As a king grew older, often his son would rule beside him. Jehoshaphat, nearing the end of his reign, appointed his son Jehoram to rule with him, Jehoram served as co-ruler with Jehoshaphat for 5years. He is mentioned again in chapter 8. (Life Application Study Bible)

The land of Moab was southeast of Israel. Israel and Judah were some of the most fertile land and strategic positions in the Near East. No wonder Moab envied them and remained their enemy. Mesha, king of Moab, had previously paid tribute, sheep, and wool to King Ahab. Now with Ahab off the scene, Mesha rebelled and stopped paying Joram, which caused war between Israel and Moab.

Joram asked the kings of Judah and Edom to send troops to join his army, which they did. They traveled 7 days through wilderness, and ran out of water.
What happened next?
  • Joram said that the Lord brought the three of them out there so Moab could defeat them.
  • King of Judah asked if there was a prophet of the LORD there. If there was, they could ask the LORD what to do through him.
  • One of Israel's officers replied that Elisha was there. He used to be Elijah's personal assistant.
  • Jehoshaphat agreed that the LORD spoke through Elisha, so the three kings went to consult Elisha.
  • Elisha's response was to question why the kings came to him. He told them to go to the pagan prophets of their parents.
So all of a sudden they became religious, seeking the Lord when they had a need-water. When we get desperate, is that the only time we go to the Lord? Desperate times call for desperate measures, we have heard. What a shame that it takes trying times to drive people to their knees. But shouldn't they have sought the Lord's will before starting out? Hmm. Guilty. I thank God for His faithfulness and understanding my weakness.

The Lord told Jeremiah to call upon Him and He would answer. Not only would Almighty God answer, but He would show great and mighty things which he didn't know. This was while Jeremiah was under guard and Jerusalem's fall to Babylon was coming. Yet, he said, Nothing is too hard for You! You show unfailing love to thousands. You have all wisdom and do great and mighty miracles. The Lord did reveal His plans, and Israel went into captivity in Babylon, only later to be freed.

Isn't it easy for us to look back and know the events. Keep in mind, at the time, these 3 kings were desperate for water and wanted to know if it was worth going on, and if they'd have victory.
That's where we are going to leave them, folks. Stay tuned to find out what happens or read on yourself.

What a promise for Jeremiah and us!


Seek the Lord's will before making quick decisions and getting into desperate situations.

Ask, seek, knock.

Thank God for His faithfulness.

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