Friday, August 21, 2015

Warning Others

O. T. #583  "Warning Others"
August 21, 2015
1 Samuel 6-Part 2
...because they had looked into the Ark of the LORD, even He smote...
1 Samuel 6:19


It was fun to sing the song with my granddaughter about the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and falling off, bumping their head. Mamma called the doctor and he said for them to stop jumping on the bed. And then there was one. It wasn't fun to the Israeli city when so many died. It was a tragedy. Do we not realize when danger results in death or injury by the experience of others? Will we jump off the cliff if our friends do it? (How many times have we said that to our teens?) Why do we not head the warnings? So many diseases due to pleasures-smoking, drinking, drugs. Will we not warn our loved ones? 

After seven months of the Ark of God being with the Philistines, it was returned. As the Israeli men were harvesting wheat, they saw it coming on a new cart pulled by two cows. The Levites came and made a  burnt offering of the cows using the wood of the cart which carried the Ark and a large stone at the location. They placed the Ark upon the large stone as an alter. How exciting it must have been in the communities of Israel. The Ark of God represented the presence of God. Because God is holy and His glory is present at the Ark, it was no ordinary box.

Exodus 26 gives a description of the Ark as God instructed Moses to have it built. It was placed behind blue, purple, and scarlet embroidered curtains, the veil which separated the Holy of Holies room in the Tabernacle. The Ark itself was made of shittim wood, overlaid with pure gold, 3' by 2'; it had a Mercy Seat affixed to it on top; two cherubims of gold, each were at the end of the Ark. As I recall, Aaron's budding rod and the Tablets with the Ten Commandments, Moses' staff were placed inside.

Instructions were given to the Israelites concerning the Ark-only the Levites  of the family of Kohath were allowed to touch (move) it. No one was to touch any holy thing. (Num. 4:15)

Do we consider the Bible as a holy book? We used to call it the Holy Bible.
Holy means seperated, set apart.

1 Peter 2:9 describes believers as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people...

Are we a separated people, separated from the world, different, living by faith?


Well, there were men at the city of Beth-Shemesh who were curious. They look inside the Ark of God. The Word says 50,070 men did that and were killed. some commentators say it was 70 out of 50,000. However many it was, they died. This holy Ark was only to be touched by those certain men appointed by God, as mentioned previously. It is described as a great slaughter in verse 19, so it tend to think it was the higher number.

Who is able to stand before this holy LORD God?
To whom shall He go up from us?

Although the men of this city knew God was holy, it did not make them want to be closer to God. It made them want to distance themselves from God. Who can they give this problem to so the holiness of God is no longer a burden to us? (Guzik)

One would think these men would have considered it a privilege to have God with them, but it was not so. Maybe they were afraid that they too would be killed.

Do we allow sin to separate us from God? It is through the blood of Jesus that we can come to Him, cleansed when we ask forgiveness. Are we letting others know the requirements of God for them?


Bow before a holy God with the robe of Jesus blood covering me. (spiritually)

Respect God for being a holy God.

Meet with God in His Holy Word.

Listen as He speaks to me through it.

Alert others of eternity coming, and the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.

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