Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Put It in Its Place

O. T. #585  "Put It in Its Place"
August 26, 2015
1 Samuel 7-Part 2
Then the children of Israel did put away Baalm and Ashtaroth, and served the LORD.
1 Samuel 7:4


Throughout the years, I have allowed things to become very important to me-my job, my family, money, my new car. Looking back, they did become idols in my life at various times. God is so longsuffering, patient, with me. I deserved His blowing me away, but He didn't. Eventually, I had a change of heart and He was first place. I had to put those things in their place. My God was #1.
It took Israel 20 years to work through that, also. They had to put their idols in their place-away, destroyed.

The Ark of the Covenant remained 20 years in Israel at the house of Abinadab, with his son Eleazar ministering to it. during tat time, Israel lamented after the Lord. Lament means moan, cry out loud, in Hebrew.

I wonder if Samuel was age 30 or 40 by this time. He was recognized as the prophet to whom God spoke. In addition to being a prophet, Samuel functioned as a priest, military leader, judge, and king as well.
What did Samuel tell the people of Israell?
  • return to the Lord with all their hearts;
  • put away the strange gods and Ashtaroth from among them;
  • serve God.
Samuel told the people if they did those things, then  God would deliver them out of the hand of the Philistines. Israel did put away their gods and served the Lord only.

Shall we look around for any "gods" that we may have in our life? It may take on various forms, may not even have a physical form, such as a job or ministry, or we may be able to see it and touch it, like a house or car. Whatever form, if it has become more important in our life than God, then it is a god to us. do we spend more time with it, think more about it, than we do our God? Time to take inventory. What do I need to change or get rid of in my life, Lord?


So Samuel gathered all Israel at Mizpeh and he prayed for them. What else happened?
  • They worshiped God by pouring out water, as an offering. It seemed to have pleased the Lord as an outward sign of their repentance in their heart. I Samuel tell us that God looks upon the heart.
  • They fasted that day.
  • They admitted sinning by saying, "We have sinned against the LORD."
  • Samuel functioned as judge to the Israelites at Mizpeh.
Doesn't Satan always find a way to squelch our enthusiasm for the Lord? When those Philistine leaders heard about this, they went to Mizpeh. This frightened the Israelites.

We will pick up the story next time. What did Israel do next? Did they seek the Lord? Did they run or stand up to their enemies? What did the Lord do?

What do we do in our time of trouble? Are we willing to do things God's way? Even when it is difficult?


Take spiritual inventory often.

Ask myself if I have anything in a place more important than God.

Repent of my sins.

If so, remove it or put it in its place.

Worship God only, the One who sits on His Mercy Seat.

Love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Enjoy fellowship with God as He leads me down the path He has for me today.

* Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a doctor appointment. We are adjusting my medicine.

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