Friday, August 28, 2015

He Got Around

O. T. # 587  "He Got Around"
August 28, 2015
1 Samuel 7-Part 4
And he went from year to year...


Do we grow weary being a Christian? Year after year, decade after decade, are we going and doing, in the service of the Lord? Are we staying in our own little world or do we get around, following Jesus to minister to the needs of others. Samuel got around. Although today's lesson only covers 3 verses, they are needful, or else God would not have included them, right?

How did Samuel get around to those cities? Did he walk, ride a donkey? Certainly there was no air conditioned van, no bus going to the cities where he ministered. In the scope of it all, it is not important, is it?

The hand of the Lord was against the Philistines all the days of Samuel. Did you read in verse 14 where the land which the Philistines had taken from Israel was returned?

The two cities mentioned, Ekron and Gath, became the eastern border of the Philistines. So the Philistines resided in the coastal plains, and the Amorites resided in the hills west of Israel between the Jordan Valley and the coastal plain. Israel was also at peace with the Philistines. (MacArthur)

Are we asking God to conquer our enemies and fill our land with His peace?


Apparently Samuel had an effect on the national revival in Israel. He reeducated the people in the laws of the Lord almost single-handedly. He played the parts of judge, priest, Levite, ruler, and prophet.

Samuel became a circuit preacher. Annually, he traveled to Bethel, Gilgal, Mizpeh, and return once again to Ramah, which allowed him to manage the affairs of the people as a judge.

Samuel was sharing the Word, the Laws of God with the people.
He delivered his people spiritually, not physically. Samuel prepared God's people for receiving David, the king of God's choice, and ultimately the Son of David, Jesus Christ. (Falwell)

Do we go around sharing Jesus, like Samuel did? Are we encouraging others to be faithful to God? How do others see us?


Be faithful to God my own self, then encourage others to be faithful to God.

Share His faithfulness.

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