Friday, January 3, 2014

No More Bedroom Scenes

O.T.#201  "No More Bedroom Scenes"
Jan. 3, 2014
Exodus 20-Part 8
Thou shalt not commit adultery.  Exodus 20:14


We need to be careful in what we are watching and listening to so our minds are not drifting into the wrong things. Even advertisements are revealing flesh. Last night we were going to watch a movie about Christ and five minutes into it there were naked people on the beach. Good night, why are they perverting good things? We changed that station. I think we have seen all the Walton shows, but at least they are clean. Bring back the morally good shows. In my book, they don't have to have a bedroom scene to be a good show. (What is done in the bed is private.)

This is the first mention of adultery in the Word, even though the patriarchs had more than one wife, especially Jacob.

In Strong's Concordance, adultery (naaph/ naw-af') referred it to a woman that breaketh wedlock.

When people are unfaithful to their marriage vows, we usually think they had sexual relations outside of marriage. Is a workaholic spouse considered guilty of adultery in the sense of neglecting their spouse?

Jesus can forgive any sin, if we only confess it ask for it. I realize that can be the easy part, and it's the forgiving the unfaithful spouse that presents the challenge or asking their forgiveness.


Murder (verse 13) and marital infidelity, though seemingly only referring to outward acts, are in actually based on far higher principles, as Jesus later set forth clearly in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:21-22,; 27-29).  (Falwell)

Applicable to both men and women, this command protected the sacredness of the marriage relationship. God had instituted marriage at the creation of man and woman (Gen. 2:24) and had blessed it as the means of filling the earth (Gen. 1:28). The penalty for infidelity in the marital relationship was death (Lev. 20:10). Adultery was also referred to as "a great sin"(Gen. 20:9) and a "great wickedness and sin against God" (Gen 39:9; Matt. 5:27; James 2:11).  (MacArthur)

In Galatians 5:19, Paul lists the works of the flesh as adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness.

Our chastity should be as dear to us as our lives, and we should be as much afraid of that which defiles the body as of that which destroys it.  (Matthew Henry)

We are living in a world that is governed by the flesh. Young adults and youth consider it entertainment when they have sex with another. They need to be taught and warned of this sin. Are we standing up against it in our families and neighbors?

But more than the act itself, Jesus carefully explained the heart of this commandment. It prohibits us from looking at a woman to lust for her, where we commit adultery in our heart or mind, yet may not have the courage or opportunity to do the act. We aren't innocent just because we didn't have the opportunity to sin the way we really wanted to.  (Guzik)

As women, we need to watch what we wear so it isn't provocative; watch our words and acts around others.


Don't let myself get into a compromising situation.

Keep my mind and heart focused on Christ.

Turn the television station when a revealing is not appropriate.

Be an example to the young girls as to how a Christian woman should dress and act.

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