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Going down the Wrong Path

O.T. #40  "Going Down the Wrong Path"
May 3, 2013
Genesis 20
Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live: and if thou restore her not, know thou that thou shalt surely die, thou, and all
that are thine. Genesis 20:7


Yes, I've almost blown it several times in my life. I won't go into details, but I am thankful that
God opened my eyes so I could see what was happening. My life could have ended up very
different from the way it is. Certainly, I haven't been perfect. Somehow, I think I am not alone
and have company. I can't point a finger at Abraham and condemn him for going down the
wrong path when I have headed down that same road.

Abraham-a friend of God, one who left home following God and not knowing where he was
going, promised more blessings than he could see, given a new name by God, declared a
prophet of God, yet...

Here is the first mention of prophet. A prophet is an individual who received a call from God to
be God's spokesperson, often connected with some crisis that was about to occur, and then
announced God's message of judgment and /or deliverance to Israel and the nations.
(Study Light .com)

God's affirmation of Abraham:
  • God declared Abraham a prophet.
  • God declared Abraham to be His friend.
  • Abraham's prayer of intercession saved many lives (Abimelech, family and servants)
  • As a servant of God, Abraham's presence was very serious; his presence meant God's                presence.
  • The life of faith, as God develops it, has a profound effect upon others, Abraham learned.
  • God answered Abraham's prayer for Abimelech. (verse 17)
  • God protected Abraham even in his sin.
This pattern of faith lived out by Abraham is true of all that walk this same way with God.
The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects. James 5:16 RSV
Tremendous power is made available through a good man's earnest prayer. Phillips

How's your prayer life, friend? Is it as powerful as Abraham's was? Are you praying for others
going down the wrong path? Are you on the wrong path? Can I pray for you, sweet one?


Is there a character flaw that keeps repeating in your life? A character flaw does not mean God
rejects a person, but often it is repeatedly passed on to the generations that follow. Earlier,
Abraham deceived Pharaoh by telling him that Sarah was his sister. He repeated this deception
and lack of trust in God with Abimelech. God didn't interrupt Abraham's decision, however,
this time God intervened dramatically in a dream.

Had Abimelech taken Sarah for his wife, Isaac, the son of promise, would not have been born
and Israel's history would have been changed. (It was time for her to get pregnant.)Twenty-five
years of faith would have gone down the drain, so to speak. Our decisions or actions can have a significant effect on the future generations of our family. God will open our spiritual eyes if we
will let Him.

So we know how it all turned out-God stopped Abimelech from sinning with Sarah. Abraham
prayed for Abimelech and family; he gave Abraham land and silver and his wife. How many
times do we almost blow it doing things our way, not trusting in God?


Confess our sins and let them be covered in the blood of Jesus, forgiven forever.

Thank God for keeping His hand on my life.

Pray for others on the wrong path.

*Sorry for the technical problem, resulting in not posting this sooner. Perhaps it was me that
needed to reflect on the past.

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