Monday, May 13, 2013

A Camel Ride

O.T.#45  "A Camel Ride"
May 13, 2013
Genesis 24-Part 1
But thou shalt go unto my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac.
Genesis 24:4


It's not easy riding on a camel. A couple of years ago, we visited the local safari with our grandchildren. One of the attractions was a camel ride. So my granddaughter and I
climbed in the saddle and hung on. (Actually, we had to go up stairs to reach it.) Give me a horse
any day. You could feel each step, swaying back and forth. I can't imagine riding across a hot
desert or plain on one. Ten minutes was long enough for me. And to be 85 years old-whoo!

Well, we  had a funeral, now a wedding. Before we get to the wedding march...
In the meantime, back home in Mesopotamia, Abraham's brother Nahor had 12 children, one of which is a Bethuel, who had a daughter named Rebekah. (Gen. 22:23) (The brothers had not seen each other in 60 years.)

In David Wilkerson's book, Knowing God By Name,he says: 
At the very moment Abraham was raising the knife over Isaac, his nephew Bethuel was raising the girl whom God would eventually give to Isaac as a wife. Isaac would not meet Rebekah for another several years down the road. But this passage proves the nature of Jehovah Jireh, the provider: Even before we call out to Him, our God answers. Long before we are even born, He is at work forming and shaping the circumstances of our lives.
Eliezer, at 85 years of age, had risen to steward, or "chief of staff," a position of substantial
authority. He would have received all Abraham's wealth if he had no son. But Eliezer faithfully served Abraham and Isaac. Another thing, it was apparently customary to marry one's first cousin.
but Abraham's higher motive was to prevent Isaac from marrying a Canaanite pagan after
Abraham's death, possibly leading the people away from the true God.

The hand under the thigh and oath was the customary gesture indicating the seriousness of this agreement.  They solomized the oath in the name of God. The mission Eliezer was sent on was to find a wife for Isaac. He packed up the camels and set off. Can't you see them-a train of camels
going across the desert?

Here we see a picture of the Heavenly Father choosing a bride (the church) for His Son (Christ).
The servant is a picture of the Holy Spirit whose work is to bring the lost to Christ and thus make
up His bride.

What can we learn from the servant?
The servant's example of devotion is seen as he:
  • thought only of his master and his master's will
  • received his orders from his master and didn't change them
  • believed in prayer
  • knew how to wait on the Lord and trust His leading
  • did not delay once he knew the God's will
  • carried with him a portion of his master's wealth (verses 10, 22, 30, 53)
  • thought more about finishing his task than food (verse 33)
  • reported to his master when he returned home (verse 66). (Wiersbe)
The servant is an example for us as we seek to serve the Lord. How content and intent are we to
do God's will? Do we change it to suit us? Are we faithful in prayer? How long will we wait and
trust in the Lord? Do we delay to obey? On day we will all give an account to Christ. Is my way a willing way?


Eliezer lived to please his master, Abraham. The first mention of the word master is found in
24:9. It is used 22 times in this chapter. Master designates a controller, ruler, owner.

Who is our master? Who owns us-the bank, boss, or Jesus? Who rules us, making the decisions
for us? Does God control everything we have and are? Things to ponder.

The servant asked God to be faithful to His servant Abraham and provide for him. God did show chesed, covenant-faithfulness, kindness. He lead Eliezer to the right woman for Isaac.
The servant gave credit to God for this in verse 27. He said that he got in the way. Do we?


Let go of the reins of my life and let God lead.

Be a faithful servant.

Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus.

*To all you mothers-Happy Mother's Day on the day after. You are special and you are loved by
the King.

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