Friday, July 21, 2017

God's Hand Upon Us

O. T. #1026  "God's Hand Upon Us"
July 21, 2017
Ezra 8-Part 2
We were strengthen by our God and He protected from the power of the enemy and ambush along the way.  Ezra 8:31b LASB


It took the Jews 4 months to reach Jerusalem. They averaged 7 miles a day.
What happened whenever they arrived?
  • Ezra acknowledges that the hand of their God was upon them. (verse 31)
  • He delivered them from the hand of their enemy
  • and from any ambush. Nothing else is said about the journey. God had protected His remnant and answered their prayers.
  • The Jews rested from their journey for 3 days in Jerusalem.
  • On the fourth day they weighed the silver, gold, an articles for the Temple.
  • Everything was verified by number and weight, with the total recorded.
In verse 31, the hand of God mentioned by Ezra, in the Hebrew language, hand (yad-yawd) refers to an open hand; indicating power, means, direction, etc.

Ezra used the phrase "hand of God" in other places-1:8;  5:12; 6,9,28;  8:18, 22, 26, 31,33; 9:2,7.

Can we look back and see the hand of God in our life, protecting and guiding us? Certainly I can.
He always had another church for us to serve God in whenever it was time to leave one. He provided for our family when we could not afford health insurance. We always had the money to pay our taxes, a doubled amount since the churches did not pay the employer's part. Secular jobs were given to help supplement our income. Our God has been faithfully meeting our  needs these 37 years in ministry. You are faithful God forever! Can I get an amen?
Will you share with us how God has been faithful to provide for you?


The Jews must have been utterly exhausted after such a lengthy voyage. They did nothing but relax, sleep, and recuperate. On the fourth day, Ezra, along with two priests and two Levites named here, took the treasures to the Temple and inventoried it.

What did they do next?
  • First, the returning Jews from exile worshiped God by making sin and burnt offerings listed in verse 35. This encouraged those Jews who had been captives 57 years earlier.
  • Next, Ezra and the leaders delivered the decree King Artaxerxes  to the local officials. (verse 36)
This would have been the first time this new generation had worshiped in a Temple in the Promised Land. Can we imagine the joy Ezra and his people experienced?
Assistance was required to be given the Jewish returnees and to the temple.

Are we looking to Jesus as our Protector, Provider, as well as Savior?

I Peter 5:7 tells us to cast our cares upon God for He cares for us
Romans 8 says that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
2 Timothy 4:18 says the Lord will deliver us from evil work.


Ask God to keep His hand upon my life and my family.

Thank You Jesus for Your provisions.

Love God first and most.

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