Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Truth

O. T. #531  "The Truth"
June 4, 2015
Judges 11
Then the Spirit of the LORD came upon Jephthah... Judges 11:29


We left the city of Gilead, where the Ammorite army came to camp at Mizpah, their tower. The people and princes of Gilead decided that whoever lead them to fight and conquer the Ammorites would be made their leader.
God raised up Jaephthah to lead the Israelites to freedom from the 18 years of oppression. (verse 8) The Gileadites asked this man of valour (a strong, adept warrior) to help them.

For some background: The man Gilead was probably the grandson of Manasseh (Num. 26:29), one of Joseph's sons.  The Ammorites were accusing the Israelite's ancestors of taking away their land when Moses led them out of Egypt. Actually, the Israelites were not given permission to pass through the land of Edom and Moab. The Lord gave Sihon into their hands when he attacked Israel. Deuteronomy 2 and Numbers 21 record the actual accounts.

God is the true Owner of the land. As the legitimate Landlord, He had the right to give the land to whomever He chose. Israel made no apology for believing that He had chosen them to possess it. This belief is still at the heart and core of orthodox Judaism.  (Liberty Bible Commentary)

Do we consider God as the owner of our house and lot/land? Is He in charge of it? Do we honor Him with it? Or is it what we have come to possess?


Who was Jephthah?
  • He was a Gileadite, like them.
  • His mother was not the wife of Gilead, but a harlot. So being only a half-Canaanite, Jeph had an inferior status within the family. The legitimate sons of Gilead had made Jeph leave their city so he would not receive an inheritance with them. (He went to live at Tob.)
  • The elders of Gilead turned to Jephthah for help.
  • "You kicked me out, so why should I come to help you?" asked Jeph.
  • All agreed that if the Lord gave Jeph victory over the Ammonites, then he would rule over them.
Then Jeph sent messengers to the Ammonite king asking why they were attacking. The king claimed rights to the lands Israel occupied. Israel took the land from the Amorites, not the Ammonites. Israel had lived there 300 years with any dispute. After all, God had given them the land.
Then Jeph made a rash vow. We will pick up the story tomorrow.

Do people sometimes misunderstand us or our situation? Do we let it go or inform them of the truth?


Know the truth and share it with others.

Allow the Holy Spirit to lead me in His wisdom.

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