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O. T. #536  "Peace"
June 11, 2015
Judges 12-Part 2
And he judged Israel 7 years. And he judged Israel 10 years. and he judged Israel 8 years.
Judges 12:9, 11, 14


As mentioned before, Israel is in a sin cycle, which we read about in this book. They would stray away from worshiping God into idolatry into sin, then He would bring oppression whereby the enemies would conquer them, which resulted in Israel's repentance, followed by years of peace. This cycle would be repeated.

Israel is in the sixth cycle now, with four judges leading them into a total of 31 years of peace. God provided Israel, His beloved children, with peace, using. Little is known about these 3 minor judges.

Liberty Bible Commentary explains:
  1. Jephthah, who defeated the Ammonites with the help of his fellow Gileadites. He ruled as judge for 6 years and died. (verse 1-7)
  2. Ibzan of Bethlehem, probably located in Judah, but some consider Bethlehem in Zebulun. You talk about a big family. He had 30 sons and 30 daughters. The marriage of his 30 sonswas apparently for the purpose of political alliances to strengthen his influence over a significant part of the country. In all, he judged 7 years. (verses 8-10)
  3. Next came Elon, a Zebulunite, who was judge of Israel for 10 years. He was buried in a place called Aijalon, which was pronounced like his name, with the consonants of which match the vocalized reading of his name. The exact location is unknown.(verses 11-13)
  4. Last, Abdon was a Pirathonite, resident of Pirathon in Ephraim, near Shechem. He had a large family of  40 sons and 30 nephews (literally, grandsons). They all rode on donkeys, dinstincting them ashigh-ranking authority. His judgeship lasted 8 years. He was buried in the mount of the Amalekites, indicating an Amalekite occupation of the hill country of Ephraim at that time. (verses 13-15)
Although they are considered minor judges, God used them for His purposes.
Sooo, if we consider our self as insignificant, be encouraged friend, our life is important in God's Kingdom work. Now, don't you forget it either. We touch lives which no one else may touch. Let Him use you to love people to Jesus. You go girl (and guy).


Thirty one years of peace-I would consider it a blessed time in which the Israelites lived.

Falwell includes:
  • These lesser judges are not referred to in light of unusual events caused by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This does not mean that the Holy Spirit was not available to them, but that we simply have no record of it.
  • We also have no record of whether they engaged in any military battles, or if they were merely local civil magistrates of some sort.
  • This section of the book of Judges ends with the brief recounting of the five minor judges, plus the controversial Jephthah. It is followed by the amazing exploits and tragic demise of Samson.
Note that Falwell was including and referring to the previous 45 years of Tola and Jair.

Hebrews 12:14 says, Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. 

Matthew 5:9 tells us, Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Do we help be a peacemaker when people are at odds with each other? How are our relationships?


Be at peace with God and others.

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