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He Brought the House Down

O. T. #546  "He Brought the House Down"
June 27, 2015
Judges 16-Part 4
So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life. 
Judges 16:30


Have you ever spent an evening laughing your head off, laughing so hard you ribs and stomach muscles hurt? We were guest at a seminary banquet with Graddy Nut as the entertainer. I have never laughed so hard and long in all my life. He brought the house down, as they say. Well, Samson did the same thing, only it was in his death that he brought the house down.

The strong Samson, purposed to deliver Israel from the ruling of the Philistines, finds himself blind, with his face to the grind, living through the daily grind. What has happened to him is this-Samson gave away the secret of his strength, not cutting his hair, which was an outward expression of consecration to the Lord in the Nazirite vow, to Delilah, who received money for the endeavor.

Yet, his hair grew back. (verse 22)
In the end, Samson's faith was still in his God, not the pagan god, Dagan. He prays, asking the Lord for strength just one more time, one more chance to get it right. Apparently, he repented of his sin, for God gave him one more chance to act by faith. Samson wanted to win one more victory over the enemy. God answered his prayer, but in defeating others, Samson died. He slew more in his death than in his life. (verse 30)

Friend, so you need one more chance to get it right? To come back to the right path that you strayed off? God still loves us, even when we fail Him. He is waiting with open arms, the place where we belong as His child.

Even when it hurts, God will have His way, His will accomplished.
Are we willingly doing it, or do we have to get our eyes punched out to see the truth about our self?

No matter how far God's people fall away, His purposes are not jeopardized and the story is not yet finished. God would yet work through Samson to accomplish the purpose for which he was born; delivering the people of Israel from the Philistines.  (David Jeremiah)


I know, we jumped ahead to the end of the story, the end of Samson's life on earth.
Samson lost a lot during his life, due to his sins:
  • his hair, a symbol of dedication to God,
  • his strength, of which he is ignorant until overpowered,
  • the light, with his eyes put out by the Philistines,
  • his liberty, binding him with fetters of brass,
  • his usefulness to the Lord, ending up grinding corn instead of fighting God's battles, and
  • his testimony, being a laughingstock of the Philistines. (Wiersbe)
What happened?
  • Like an animal, the helplessly blind and captured Samson was used to grind grain, like an ox at the mill, for the Philistines.
  • When the Philistines gathered for a great feast to offer a great sacrifice to Dagon (father of Baal) their god, they rejoiced, giving their pagan deity credit for capturing Samson. (verses 23-24) They believed Samson was acknowledging the supremacy of their god over him when he was grinding the grain.
  • Then, the Philistines brought Samson out into the Dagan temple, with courtyards, to make sport of him. Sport means to play, laugh, make merry, mock, in the Hebrew language.
  • They tied Samson between two wooden pillars planted in a stone foundation, under the edge of the roof of this building, which had at least 3,000 in attendance. He was their trophy.
  • Then Samson prayed, asking God for strength one more time, another chance to do His will.
  • He brought the roof down-killed more with his death than in his life. (verse 30)
  • Who recorded this, but the lad that led Samson to the pillars. This boy had been Samson's attendant, who willingly stayed with him in the prison. He must have been allowed to escape this tragedy.(verse 26)
What a tragic picture of a man of God fully equipped to serve the Lord, but whose service is rendered ineffective by his passion and lust. (Falwell)

God gave Samson strength one more time. Was it his last chance to serve Him? Isn't He the God of second chances?

Samson died for the cause of his country and his God. He was willing to give up his own life for them. Did you know Samson is listed in Hebrews 11, the Hall of Faith? (verse 30)

Victory came only as he was broken, humiliated, and blind. He could no longer look to himself. (Guzik)

Samson had great potential, even was a judge in Israel for 20 years, yet wasted that potential for personal pleasure.

Did you pick up on this while studying Samson's life and death-he is remembered for the bad things/disobedience of God?

How will people remember you when you're dead and gone? Faithful or selfish living?


Surrender now before I have to loose something to get me to where God wants me.

Live by faith, not by sight.

Pray before times get worse.

Give my potential to God for His use and glory.

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