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Outlaw or Inlaw

O. T. #264 "Outlaw or Inlaw"
Exodus Summary
April 9, 2014
The LORD is my strength and song, and He is become my salvation: He is my God, and I will prepare Him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt Him.  Exodus 15:2

Sometimes, it is good to look back over my life. I do that every now and then. Am I accomplishing my goals? Am I walking closer to God than last year? What trials have I come through? Is my faith growing, stagnate, dead or alive?
One year for our family reunion, we had the theme "Outlaws and Inlaws". We even made wanted posters with each of the family member's picture on it, known as the outlaw, but not their spouse, the inlaw. Since I married into the family, I was considered an inlaw. So I thought, in God's family, am I an outlaw or an inlaw? I am an inlaw-one of His children. Enough said. I don't know what that has to do with this lesson, just thought I'd throw that in. But let's go back and review the latter part of Exodus.

According to Wiersbe, the symbolism found in Exodus includes:

  • Moses as a picture of Jesus Christ. Moses became a prophet, priest, servant, shepherd, mediator, and deliverer.
  • Egypt is a type of world system.
  • Pharoah is a type of Satan, "god of this world"
  • Israel is the picture of the church, delivered from the world
  • Crossing of the Red Sea pictures the resurrection 
  • Manna is a symbol of Christ as the Bread of Life
  • Amalek refers to the flesh, opposing believers in pilgrim journey
  • Passover pictures the death of Christ, His shed blood for our sins, the Lamb of God.
The nation of Israel grew from 70 men to 603,550 men, aged 20 and up, with a total of 2 million which departed Egypt. God had kept His promise to Abraham.

Chapters 19-24: Covenant and Ten commandments; feasts, Sabbaths
Chapters 25-31: Tabernacle plans and priesthood established
Chapters 32-35: Apostasy of Israel and Moses' intercession
Chapter 35-40: Tabernacle built and dedicated.

Lesson I have learned from the book of Exodus:
  • Faith and obedience please God.
  • God is my Savior and Redeemer.
  • He keeps His promises.
  • He wants to meet my needs, as Provider.
  • God wants to indwell me.
  • He will act on my behalf as my Protector.
  • He is merciful, gracious, forgiving, and loving.
  • God's ways are the best ways.
  • He won't accept second place in my life, only first place.
  • God listens when I talk to Him.
  • Trust God; wait upon Him.
Although Israel kept sinning, God warned them of the consequences, He still forgave them. Of course, we have an advantage of being able to look forward, past the time in Exodus. The Israelites kept going in cycles, sinning, repenting, punished, obeying. don't we seem to be stuck in that same cycle, too?


Walk by faith, not by sight.

Obey the Word of God and His Spirit.

Keep Jesus first in my life.

Remember, God keeps His promises.

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