Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!

April 19, 2014

Happy Easter, dear friends!

It is a beautiful day here on my farm. Leaves are budding out, flowers are blooming, grass is green, and the breeze is chilly this morning. Time to get my worship on. Come on, let's go for a walk down my country road of faith and talk about Jesus. Hasn't He done so much for us!

I hope you are planning a wonderful celebration of our Savior's victory over death. I pray that across America there will be songs of praise to King Jesus this Sunday and Jesus smiles down on us. He did not stay dead in the tomb, but arose, providing us with eternal life. As believers in Jesus, we have the hope of living after our old and hurting body dies, too. And to think, we will soon be with Him and our loved ones forever and ever in heaven. Isn't that the icing on the cake? We get to enjoy abundant life while here on earth, walking with Jesus, and for eternity to come. We can enjoy fellowship with this One, the Lamb of God.

Come, join me as I walk on this country road of faith. There is so much to say, so much to share. The Word of God is True and a Living Word, Jesus. I do enjoy so much getting to study His Word with you, dear ones.
I wonder where He will lead me today, as I live by faith in Jesus Christ. Isn't life exciting? If not for you, you can have it by surrendering to Jesus as the King and Lord of your life.

Hey, I will be listening for your voice of praise tomorrow. If Jesus comes back Sunday, then we will meet in the air. Then come on over and introduce yourself. I can't wait to meet you.

All right, enough talking, I'm getting my walkin' worshipin' shoes on. There's a song in my heart that must get out. Maybe the cows will join me in praising our Creator!
Praise You Lord Jesus! 

Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

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