Tuesday, March 18, 2014


O. T. #248  "Questions"
March 18, 2014
Exodus 33-Part 3
How will anyone know...Exodus 33:17 NIV


Are you like me in that you and I  have questions for God? Mostly, my questions pertain to the future revolving around my little world. Why not ask Him? The answer may be yes, no, not now, wait until the right time comes. Such secrets lie with God, not man, not a fortune teller, only God. Faith is what I need as I walk on this path, this journey of life, taking it step-by-step with Jesus.
What is God's will for me? for my family? for my church? So many questions unanswered. But that's
okay. I don't walk by sight.

It was as though the rest of the chapter was filled with questions:
  • Who is God sending with Moses as he leads Israel to conquer the Promised Land?
  • Did Moses find favor in God's sight?
  • Did God show Moses His ways?
  • Is God's presence going with Moses and Israel after all?
  • How shall Moses finding favor in God be known?
  • Isn't it this favor evidenced by God's presence?
  • Is it not in God going with them, that distinguishes Israel from the rest of the people on earth?


What does the future hold for Israel? What does the Promised Land hold for Israel?
  • Success in every venture. Greatest achievements accomplished. Victory.
  • Power to conquer the land. No army could stop them. No city wall could stop them.
  • Wealth in the conquering of those cities. Obtaining possession of the enemies.
God said that they were an obstinate people, and He would not go with them when their hearts were far from Him. (Blackaby)

If You aren't going with us, don't bring us up from here.
The only thing missing would be God's presence. Moses valued God's presence, fellowship, and relationship. He didn't want it to be over, but to continue.

Moses continued to intercede for Israel.

If I have found grace in Your sight.
The Hebrew word in this chapter for grace, khane, refers to graciousness, kindness, well favored.
(Strong's Concordance)

We can relax-in verse 17, the LORD reassures Moses that he had found God's grace and God knew him by name. Moses and Jehovah finally reached an agreement.
God was going with Israel and Moses on their journey to the Promised Land.

Did you notice that God knew Moses by name and told him so? Do you think He knows us by name, also?

Are there some things you are not sure of?


Ask God for answers to my questions.

Trust in His grace, for He is gracious.

Relax, God knows me by name.

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