Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why Are You Here/There?

O. T. #1042 "Why Are You Here/There?"
August 15, 2017
Nehemiah 2-Part 4


Do you know the  purpose God has for your life? Why are you living here? Why are you working at your job? Why are you attending church where you are? Are we spending time alone with God to ask Him for the answers, listening for answers, and ready to follow Him? Join me as we see how Nehemiah found his answers.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Not only did Nehemiah risk his life being a sad cupbearer, but when he made requests of King Artaxerxes also. After 4 months of prayer and planning, he found himself leaving a good job with the king of this empire to travel 800 miles to lay bricks. He lead a military escort through enemy territory. The only thing that kept him safe were the letters from he king.What a leader! What a man of faith and obedience.

Nehemiah should have had affirmation that he was doing God's will when he was met by opposition of those who despised the things of God as the welcoming committee. When he entered the city of Jerusalem there was no parade downtown, guided tours fireworks, luncheons with officials or press conferences.

A rebuilt Jerusalem  posed a threat to the authority of the Samaritan officials who had been running things since the Jews were taken captive. They didn't want any more Jews in their city threatening their positions.

Are we faithful, obedient servants when God leads us to trust Him as we walk by faith into an unknown situation? Nehemiah was.


How did Nehemiah spend the first three days in Jerusalem? He rested. What he did next was a surprise. I can tell you he wasn't at a country club getting acquainted with the local officials or dining with the Jewish leaders. No, his first order of business was to seek silence and solitude for the purpose of undisturbed reflection. He paused to learn and gather information or the task at hand.

Paul spent 3 years in reparation and transformation for the service of Christ. Jesus spent times in solitude away from crowds in fellowship with God. Are their examples tell us something?

It was at night when Nehemiah took a tour with God to survey the walls of Jerusalem-a secret survey. We read of the details of his findings in verses 13-15. It was a secret investigation. His findings and plans were unknown until the right time.
The rulers didn't know where he went or what he did. He didn't even tell the Jews or priests. He formulated the details of his plans. So no one knew why Nehemiah was there.

Why are you here? Why are you living there? Are you on mission for God?
Do we run off half organized with a plan when we get excited about God's plan for us? There is a time to rest, pray, and fast, then a time to act.


Spend time in prayer, fasting, and in God's Word seeking answers to my questions.

Listen to God.

Be ready to obey.

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