Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Want to be Fat

O. T. #322  "I Want to be Fat"
July 16, 2014
Numbers 11-Part 4
I am not able t bear all this people alone, because it is too heavy for me.  Numbers 11:14


I want to be fat. (Did that grab your attention?) I want to be fat in faith, that is, not fat physically but fat spiritually. After having such a busy month this summer, I see that I have gained weight. So now, I am back to my walking a mile five times a week and watching my diet. It is so hard to give up pie, ice cream, and sodas and eat salads. But in order to get back into my clothes, I know what I need to do. (I make my regiment easier by listening to a Bible study on line while I walk.) It is difficult, but worth it. My complaining about weight gain is due to my own fault. The tire around my waist is because I shoveled it in, food into my mouth. I regret it. Did the Israelites have something to regret?

We read in this chapter where the Lord provided meat for some 600,000 men of Israel and their families for one month. The Lord was able to do what He said-provide.
Was the heat, the barren land, and the hostile crowd beginning to get to Moses?
What complaints, bordering on charges, did Moses bring to God?
 Moses asked God (starting with verse 11):
  • Why He had brought this trouble upon him.
  • What he had done to displease God that He put the burden of all the people upon him.
  • Did he conceive all these people? Did he give them birth?
  • Why do You tell me to carry them in my arms, as a nurse carries an infant to the land You promised on oath to their forefathers?
  • Where can he get meat for all these people?
Moses continued:
  • They keep wailing to me, "Give us meant to eat!"
  • I cannot carry all these people by myself: the burden is too heavy for me.
  • If this is how You are going to treat me, put me to death right now-if I have found favor in Your eyes-do not let me face my own ruin.
Do we see Moses' prayer being self-centered? How many times did he say I or me?
How many times are our prayers that way, too?


Moses was facing an unbearable burden-dealing with the complaints of so many. God stepped up and took care of the situation-quail. Before doing so, God instructed Moses to gather 70 men of the elders and officers of Israel at the Tabernacle to meet with them.

While it is true that Moses had been allowed by God to appoint some administrative helpers in the past (Ex.18:13-270, it would seem here in Numbers 11 that the request was granted not so much to glorify God as to accommodate the prophet!  (Falwell)

The solution-God would take the Holy Spirit that was upon Moses and share it with those 70 men.
They would share the burden of the people with him so Moses would not bear it alone. (Moses counseled the people with problems.)

God provided the 2 million people with quail to eat for a month. They asked for meat, by George that was what they would get. They ate meat until it was coming out their nose. It was all due to them despising the Lord. (verse 20).

Recon they were sorry for complaining after all that? do we complain about something to God and then He gives it and we are sorry for asking and complaining?

When we allow ungodly cravings to rule our lives, God may send what we crave-and leanness into our soul as well. Don't be ruled by your cravings. Promised land people must be ruled by more than their physical or emotional appetites.  (Guzik)

Isn't it better to be fat in faith than lean in unbelief?


Ask God to give me His desires for my life.

Seek Him instead of things.

Stop complaining; be grateful.

Be fat in faith.

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