Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Expensive Dinner

O.T. #323  "An Expensive Dinner"
July 17, 2014
Numbers 11-Part 5
...Thou shalt see now whether my word shall come to pass unto thee or not.  Numbers 11:23b


I recall an expensive dinner we had, some twelve years ago. The six of us, our two children and their spouse sat down to an authentic seafood dinner in Maine. We all wanted to try the local exquisite lobster, clam chowder, fish, and shrimp. What a meal it was! Dad told the kids he was paying for it before ordering, so they got what they wanted to eat. Perhaps he had second thoughts when the $100 bill came to the table. What an expensive meal back then! The cravings for seafood was satisfied, with my husband paying the price. In a similar manner it happened to Israel. Pull up to the table and read on about their meal.

Complaining and lusting after meat and spices. God promises that they shall have their fill of the flesh and the usual daily manna. For a month they would eat quail; so much that it would be coming out their nose. That should fill them up, put an end to the meat thing.
What was greedily coveted, in a little time comes to be nauseated.(M. Henry)

Verse 23 in the NIV says, The LORD answered Moses, "Is the LORD's arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you."

Instead of  arm, the KJV says hand. Either word, the answer is no.

Had Moses forgotten the wonderful works which he previous experienced God's power do? What about the plagues of Egypt, the parting of the sea, the water from a rock, raining manna from heaven? Was God weaker than He used to be? Definitely not!
What do we learn from this?
  • God's hand is not too short that it cannot reach down and still perform miracles. He controls the waters and the winds.
  • Nothing can restrain God's power, but His own will. He could have wiped all the Israelites off the face of the earth, but Mercy chose not to do so.
  • With God nothing is impossible. Do we ask Him in faith believing He can do it or supply our need? 
David Guzik's Bible Commentary states:
God had not suddenly become weak or limited. God has resources that Moses knew nothing about. We might say that God likes to meet our needs in completely unexpected ways.
Before God provided the meat for Israel, He first provided leadership and oversight. For this expanded leadership to do the job, they needed to have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit-and they needed to have the same spirit that was on Moses. They needed to have his vision, his heart, and his attitude.

See Psalm 78:27-31 and Psalm 106:13-15.

Are we equipped to serve those we lead? Christians can be filled with the same Holy Spirit.

This magnifies God's word above all His name, that His works never come short of it. If He speaks, it is done. (Henry)


And so it happened, just as God said it would. While the people were still chewing the meat, the anger of the Lord burned against them and he struck them with a severe plague.
Some of their loved ones paid for the meat on the table, with their lives. What an expensive dinner!


Trust God to keep His Word.

Stop complaining and be grateful.

Don't lust after the things of the world.

Love God and others.

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